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Tropical hit – 7 pack subscription

$22.60 (AUD)

Revvies Arctic Charge are a cool, minty, faster and sugar-free caffeine source that fit in your pocket. If you need a boost and don’t have time to stop, Revvies make the perfect partner. No stopping. No queuing. No sticky mess. And at just $4.50 for 5 strips, Revvies are cheaper than takeaway coffee, caffeinated energy gels or drinks. Accredited through the Informed-Sports quality assurance programme, Revvies are a safe, high quality product that can be taken before and during exercise. Each strip contains 40 mg caffeine, so whether your an athlete needing a boost before or during a race or training session, a professional need to perform in back to back meetings, a student cramming for exams, or just have to get through a hectic day, Revvies can keep you moving. With Revvies you can just reach into your pocket, place a strip on your tongue and 30 seconds later you’re good to go. Revvies can be taken with out water, are suitable for vegetarians and are gluten free.

“Totally can’t do caffeine on an empty stomach so tried one of these Revvies Energy Strips instead before my run… weeeeee, went like the wind!”

– Julie W, Beauty, food, fitness and style blogger

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Free standard delivery on orders over $10

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